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We practice in various areas of law but are primarily focused on criminal defense and personal injury law in Arizona. We stay current on updates to Arizona law so we can provide effective representation in Arizona courtrooms. Because we are current and seasoned Arizona attorneys, you can rest assured that you are getting the best advocate for you and your family. 

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense is a core practice area  at Garcia & Gonzales and we focus on creating an effective and strategic defense. We are here to help you navigate the criminal justice process and provide the help and guidance you need for a successful outcome. We have decades of criminal trial experience and are the lawyers you want in the courtroom arguing on  your behalf.  Criminal cases are serious and urgent by design, so you should not hesitate to contact us today!

Personal Injury

We know that after an accident it is hard to know what to do, or who to call. We want to be there to help you with your claims and make sure the insurance companies and courts are looking after you. Whether it is on the job, on the road, or anywhere you think you may have a claim, contact us today and we will help you get the justice you deserve. 

Arizona DUI

Arizona has tough laws on Driving Under the Influence. When faced with a DUI you want to make sure you have experts on your side who know the law both inside the courtroom and procedure on the streets. At Garcia & Gonzales, our attorneys have both defended and prosecuted DUIs during our legal careers. This experience has allowed us to attack these case from all angles and perspectives, providing a more robust defense. We will bring our seasoned team to bear on your DUI case and will make sure that you have the best representation to fight these stringent Arizona DUI laws. Contact us today with the details and we will help you!

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