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At Garcia & Gonzales, founding attorneys, Danny and Tony, want to be by your side during your toughest moments.

With more than 25 years of combined experience, we have battled for and guided so many clients through what they believed were the worst times in their lives. We believe your attorney should be your rock to lean on during these trying situations. Whether you are facing serious criminal charges or have been seriously injured in an accident, we can handle it and we can make this process less burdensome for you.

We are in the practice of law to help people. If we cannot help you we will not take your case or your hard-earned money. Period.

Reasons To Choose Garcia & Gonzales Law Firm


We have decades of trial experience that we put to work for you and your case. We have a track record and history of aggressively defending clients in court. We are ready to go to battle for you!


Garcia & Gonzales Law Firm understands how confusing and daunting the legal process can be. We are here to help take the guesswork out of the process and want to put your mind at ease. We will walk with you every step of the way.


Our job is to help you understand everything going on in your case and to help you plan and manage the processes that you will be going through. We have experience navigating the Arizona court system and are here to help walk you through your case. 

Our Amazing Team

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Our Vision

Danny and Tony saw a problem with the way larger law firms struggled to balance their case volumes with quality representation and meaningful communication with clients. The solution was to stay small and reinvest our efforts and time in clients. Experience has shown us that when attorneys maintain good contact with clients and keep clients well informed, the clients are happier with their legal service. This satisfaction is what Garica & Gonzales want to continue to generate with our clients.

The vision is to remain a passionate, family-owned law firm for decades to come. We want to pass on our passion for quality work and great client relationships to a new generation of criminal defense and personal injury lawyers. We want to see more lawyers and law firms focus their time and money on clients and casework. We aspire to be the best example in the Valley of a local, client-focused, and compassionate law firm.

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